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Scroll down for examples from Volkswagen, Jaguar, NatWest, RBS and Vodafone.

Volkswagen GTE ‘The Button’ (2017)

38% of people consider buying a hybrid car, but only 2% go on to buy one.  76% of people say that’s because they believe hybrids lack performance compared to their petrol/diesel counterparts.  This campaign was designed to show how the Golf GTE is a performance hybrid… a car that gives you all the benefits of a hybrid, without compromising on the power from a hot hatch.  It won 3 golds and 2 bronzes at the British Arrows 2018, a Thinkboxes Award and ‘Best Automotive Ad’ at Campaign Big Awards 2017.  (Agencies: adam&eveDDB, PHD).


Jaguar E-PACE ‘Mistress of Mischief’ with Annabel Scholey (2018)

A series of 5 ads created for VOD, cinema and social to launch Jaguar E-PACE and broaden brand appeal to women.  (Agency: Spark44)


Volkswagen ‘Car Karaoke’ (2016)

Designed to increase perceptions of Volkswagen as an innovative brand, this ad demonstrated how technology in a Volkswagen makes long family journeys better.  Running on broadcast VOD as well as YouTube and social media, it achieved 5.7m views over Christmas 2016.  Engagement was 3x benchmark levels and view-through-rates were 5x benchmark.  The ad delivered on objectives by doubling perceptions that Volkswagen is an innovative brand (from 16% to 33%), as well as increasing brand trust by 9%.  It also led to 15,700 visits to the landing page for the Volkswagen Tiguan shown in the ad, which generated enough sales to more than pay for the activity.  (Agencies: adam&eveDDB, PHD)


Jaguar ‘Show Your Edge’ with Sharon Horgan (2018)

Part of a partnership with Channel 4, designed to increase brand consideration among younger people and women.  (Agency: The Outfit).


NatWest ‘NatYes’ (2013)

In 2013, the media was full of stories about how the banks aren’t lending.  People feared if they asked a bank for a mortgage they would only get a “no”.  The truth was, NatWest was saying “yes” to 9 out of 10 people who applied.  The ‘NatYes’ campaign was designed to change these perceptions, by positioning NatWest as a bank that was saying “yes”.  It increased mortgage consideration by a sustained 3%, driving over 1m incremental website visits and 34,000 mortgage sales (54% above target).  The campaign won Gold Star at Marketing Society Scotland in 2014.  Click HERE for campaign summary and results.  (Agency M&C Saatchi)


NatWest ‘Apple Pay’ (2015)

In 2015, several banks launched Apple Pay at the same time.  The race was on to be first to market with TV advertising.  NatWest was the first, achieving a valuable first mover advantage.  It was also the best performing Apple Pay TV ad from any of the UK banks, with higher levels of positivity and purchase intent.  (Agency M&C Saatchi)


Royal Bank of Scotland ‘Magic’ (2014)

All kids know their mums have magical powers like being able to see through walls.  In 2014, this campaign demonstrated how the bank’s mobile app is just another way of making mum magic.  It drove 349,000 downloads of the mobile app.  (Agency M&C Saatchi)


Vodafone ‘Stop The Clock’ (2005)

In 2005, people only used their mobiles for quick calls (landlines were used for longer conversations).  To change this behaviour, Vodafone introduced ‘Stop The Clock’.  A series of 10 second ads (shown 2 or 3 ads per break) dramatised how ludicrous it is trying to have a long conversation in a hurry.  The campaign generated over 1 million registrations and was in the Global Top 10 for most awarded ads in 2006 (winning two Cannes Lions for both creative and use of media).  (Agency JWT)



Vodafone ‘Passport’ (2005)

In 2005, Vodafone Passport made it affordable for people to use their phones abroad.  The campaign increased international usage by dramatising why sometimes, calls from abroad should be more than a short conversation.  (Agency JWT)